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Modernismus Halskette: Lila

Modernismus Halskette: Lila


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Diese von den berühmten Kunstwerken der Moderne inspirierte Halskette wird in einer transparenten Geschenkbox mit dem Logo des Chrysler Museums geliefert. Ein elegantes und künstlerisches Geschenk.
  • Inspiriert von den Kunstwerken von Mark Rothko
  • Exklusiv für das Chrysler Museum
  • Anhänger aus Hartemaille mit versilberter Kette
  • 18 Zoll (45,7 cm) Kettenlänge
  • Product type: Halskette
  • Shipping Dimensions: 5.0 × 2.75 × 1.0 inches  (12.7 × 7.0 × 2.5 cm)
  • Shipping Weight: 0.04 lb (0.7 oz; 20 g)
  • SKU010010926

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Mark Rothko

Über den Künstler

Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko (1903 - 1970) was an influential American painter known for his iconic abstract expressionist works. Rothko's artistic journey was marked by a gradual shift towards abstraction. He initially experimented with various styles, including figurative and surrealist elements. However, it was during the 1940s that he began developing his signature style characterized by large, rectangular color fields. These paintings, often consisting of softly blurred blocks of intense hues, were intended to evoke emotional responses and create a profound sense of spirituality and transcendence. Today, his profound contributions to abstract art continue to captivate audiences, with his large-scale paintings displayed in major museums and galleries around the world. Rothko's work remains an enduring testament to the power of color, form, and emotion in the realm of abstract expressionism.

Ibai Demirdache, and her daughter Zara - Kinzoku Jewelry/Made With Your Art

Über das Designer


In Japan, kinzoku means "metal." Based in Toronto, Canada, Kinzoku represents exceptional design and high quality jewelry and accessories. Owner/designer Ibai Demirdache combines the ancient art of silver-smithing with 21st-century design to create unique pieces exclusively for you.

Kinzoku was founded on the belief that the best gifts are the most thoughtful. Whether the recipient is a client, relative, employee, or friend, a thoughtful and original gift will be treasured and remembered.  

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