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Ladurée Macarons: The Recipes

Ladurée Macarons: The Recipes

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In the mid-20th century, the first Ladurée macaron was invented when Pierre Desfontaines, cousin of Louis Ernest Ladurée, ingeniously sandwiched two cookies together and filled them with a delectable ganache. The preparation remains unchanged to this day. Ladurée unveils new flavors each season, celebrating the crispy yet soft texture of this round cake with a perfect blend of aromas and textures. With a growing palette of flavors and colors, including classic chocolate and raspberry, festive and exotic flavors, inspiration from fashion and perfumes, and more, this book showcases all 80 Ladurée macarons, along with their aromas, origins, and trend books. And for those who wish to recreate these elegant treats at home, the book includes step-by-step instructions on how Ladurée's expert chefs craft the cookies and fillings.

  • Product Type: Cookbook, Hardcover
  • 392 pages, with 220 illustrations
  • Published in 2023
  • Shipping Dimensions: 7.1 × 7.4 × 1.7 inches  (18.0 × 18.8 × 4.3 cm)
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  • SKU010011398 | 9781788842419

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About the Author

Vincent Lemain

Vincent Lemain has been the Chef of Pastry Creation at Ladurée since April 2011. Twice a year, following the seasons and like fashion designers do, he imagines new flavors and colors for the religieuses, the Saint-Honorés, the macarons and shares them with all the customers of Ladurée the world over.

About the Photographer

Antonin Bonnet

Antonin Bonnet is a still-life photographer. He has worked for the Grande Epicerie de Paris, Dior, Chloé, Dyptique, Bernardaud - and Ladurée.

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