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Hieronymus Bosch: The Complete Works

Hieronymus Bosch: The Complete Works


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Experience the eccentric art of Hieronymus Bosch with all his renowned works in a single, comprehensive edition. This book displays his entire oeuvre with full spreads and intricate details, showcasing his imaginative imagery from horse-skulled harp players to frozen devils.

Despite only 20 paintings and eight drawings attributed with confidence to Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch (c. 1450–1516), his fantastical visions have ensured his place in history as a cult artist. 500 years after his passing, Bosch's works remain a source of fascination for scholars, musicians, artists, and designers alike, inspiring both metal band names and dresses. This edition provides a complete, condensed tour of the artist's world. From full-page images to carefully chosen details, we explore Bosch's genius and his delightfully disturbing imagination. His hybrid creations, nightmarish scenes, religious and moral framework, as well as his pictorial representations of idioms and proverbs give insight into his creative genius. Art historian Stefan Fischer guides us through the artist's cryptic but captivating masterpieces, exploring the themes and influences that shaped them.


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  • Taschen's 40th Anniversary Edition
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About Stefan Fischer

Stefan Fischer studied art history, history, and classical archaeology in Münster, Amsterdam, and Bonn. In 2009 he completed his doctoral thesis "Hieronymus Bosch: Malerei als Vision, Lehrbild und Kunstwerk." His specialist fields are Netherlandish painting of the 15th to the 17th centuries and museology.

About the Artist, Hieronymus Bosch

Hieronymus Bosch, born Jheronimus van Aken (c. 1450–1516), was a Dutch painter known for his enigmatic and fantastical artworks. Little is known about Bosch's life, but his unconventional and imaginative works have left an indelible mark on the history of art. Bosch's paintings, often filled with bizarre and nightmarish imagery, reveal a unique worldview that challenges conventional interpretations.

Bosch's art is characterized by intricate details and complex symbolism. His most famous triptych, "The Garden of Earthly Delights," presents a vivid depiction of humanity's moral decay and the consequences of indulgence. From its stunning landscapes to its surreal creatures and vivid colors, the painting invites viewers into a fantastical realm that is both alluring and disturbing.

Despite the mysterious nature of Bosch's art, his influence on subsequent generations of artists cannot be overstated. His ability to blend religious themes with imaginative elements set him apart from his contemporaries and continues to captivate audiences today. Bosch's legacy is a testament to his unparalleled creativity, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and inspiring generations of artists to explore the depths of their imagination.

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