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Explore the vast range of Georgia O’Keeffe's artistic achievements, from her stunning depictions of desert landscapes to intricate close-ups of lilies and irises. As a pioneering figure in American modern art and a trailblazer of abstraction, O'Keeffe's unique and luminous oeuvre will captivate and inspire. This book offers a comprehensive look at her groundbreaking innovations and influential journeys through Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, and New Mexico.

Georgia O'Keeffe (1887–1986) is recognized as a significant figure in modern American art, with a career spanning seven decades. Her renown is attributed to her unique perspective, which sought to reveal essential and abstract forms in nature, rather than conforming to ever-changing art styles and trends. O'Keeffe focused primarily on landscapes, flowers, and bones, depicting them in successive series over the course of several years. Her attention to detail was evident in the fact that some of her works spanned decades, resulting in 12 or more variations of one original image. Among these, O'Keeffe's enlarged depictions of calla lilies and irises have become her most well-known. By magnifying the smallest details to encompass an entire canvas, O'Keeffe pioneered a proto-abstract vocabulary of shapes and lines, earning her the nickname "mother of American modernism." 

Take a glimpse into Georgia O’Keeffe’s illustrious career with this TASCHEN Basic Art 2.0 book. As the first woman to receive a solo exhibition at MoMA in 1946, O’Keeffe’s groundbreaking work is examined through her notable pieces, modern photographs, and portraits captured by husband Alfred Stieglitz. Discover the artist’s revolutionary techniques, pivotal moments, and global influences, including her time in New Mexico where the spectacular scenery, vibrant hues, and unique flora served as her muse.

  • English edition
  • Product Type: Monograph, Hardcover
  • 96 pages, with 100 illustrations
  • Published in 2016
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Georgia O'Keeffe in 1923

About the Artist

Georgia O'Keeffe

Georgia O'Keeffe (1887-1986), an iconic American artist, is renowned for her groundbreaking contributions to modern art and her distinctive depictions of nature and landscapes. Born on November 15, 1887, in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, O'Keeffe displayed a remarkable talent for art from an early age. She embarked on a transformative artistic journey, becoming a pioneer of American modernism and an influential figure in the art world.

O'Keeffe's artistic vision was characterized by her bold use of color, precise attention to detail, and a unique ability to capture the essence of her subjects. Her notable works often featured enlarged flowers, New Mexico landscapes, and architectural abstractions.

Georgia O'Keeffe in the Chrysler Museum

About the Author

Britta Benke

Britta Benke studied art history, classical archaeology and romance languages in Göttingen, Münster and Bonn. Georgia O'Keeffe is the main focus of her research and also the subject of her thesis.


About the Publisher


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