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The Short Story of Art

The Short Story of Art

Laurence King Publishing

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The Short Story of Art is a pocket guide to key movements, works, themes and techniques – a new and innovative introduction to the subject of art. Simply constructed, the book explores 50 key works, from the wall paintings of Lascaux to Damien Hirst installations, and then links these to sections on art movements, themes and techniques.

The design of the book allows the student or art enthusiast to easily navigate their way around key periods, artists and styles. Accessible and concise, it simplifies and explains the most important and influential concepts in art, and shows how they are connected. The book explains how, why and when art changed, who introduced certain things, what they were, where they were produced, and whether they matter. It demystifies artistic jargon, giving readers a thorough understanding and broad enjoyment of art.
'Susie Hodge has culled through hundreds of art movements to highlight and present 36 that illustrate transitions of art, its ideas, representations, characteristics, and production from Prehistoric times up to the dynamic shifts of the 1960s and '70s. As complex as art history is, this book is a welcome, succinct introduction to some classic Western masters.'
—Cindy Helm, New York Journal of Books
  • Written by Susie Hodge
  • Explores 50 key works of art from prehistoric wall paintings to contemporary installations
  • Explains the most important and influential concepts in art in an accessible and concise way
  • Allows the student and art enthusiast to understand how, why and when art changed
  • Product Type: Book, Flexibound
  • 224 pages
  • Published in 2017
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Susie Hodge

About the Author

Susie Hodge

Susie Hodge is an art historian, historian, and artist. She is the bestselling author of over 100 books about art and art history, among them 50 Art Ideas, How to Survive Modern Art, Why Your Five Year Old Could Not Have Done That: Modern Art Explained, and50 Art Nouveau Works of Art You Should Know.

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