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The Annotated Mona Lisa, Third Edition: A Crash Course in Art History from Prehistoric to the Present

The Annotated Mona Lisa, Third Edition: A Crash Course in Art History from Prehistoric to the Present

Simon & Schuster

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This educational guide presents a detailed overview of all types of world art, from prehistoric cave paintings to modern digital and Internet installations. The content is presented in an easy-to-understand format, making it accessible to all readers.

This new edition of The Annotated Mona Lisa provides a concise overview of art history, including a new section on contemporary artists and movements. With brief essays, informative sidebars, and over 300 images, this heavily illustrated guide makes the often intimidating world of art easy to understand for beginners and casual museum visitors alike.

Covering a little more than 230 pages, this comprehensive book distills over 25,000 years of art into five sections: prehistoric and medieval, renaissance and baroque, the nineteenth century, modern art, and contemporary art. The topics range from Stonehenge and the Guggenheim to African art and Warhol, providing a formal and informative overview of the history of art.
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  • 232 pages
  • Published in 2018
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About the Author

Carol Strickland

Carol Strickland has written six books on art, architecture and literature, including The Annotated Mona Lisa: A Crash Course in Art History from Prehistoric to the Present. This popular introduction to art history is now in its 3rd, updated edition. Her two enhanced eBooks, released by Erudition Digital, are Impressionism: A Legacy of Light, and The Eagle and the Swan, a historical novel portraying the life of Empress Theodora in sixth-century Constantinople.

Strickland has a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan and, as a cultural journalist, has contributed feature stories to The New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Art in America, and MOMUS. She writes a monthly column on art and politics for

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