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Large "Matriarch Bear" Eco Bag

Large "Matriarch Bear" Eco Bag

Native Northwest

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Promote sustainability with our Large Eco Bags, crafted from upcycled materials and adorned with traditional Indigenous patterns. Ideal for all shopping needs, these bags are a sustainable and stylish alternative to single-use plastic bags. With spacious capacity and a chic design, it's the perfect blend of practicality and fashion. Embrace eco-conscious living with our elegant Large Eco Bags.

  • 13 × 15 × 7 inches (33 × 38.1 × 17.8 cm)
  • Recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET)
  • Designed by Morgan Asoyuf (Tsimshian)
  • Product type: Tote Bag
  • SKU010011882 | 629117064103 | EBAG301

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  • Indigenous American Artist
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Morgan Asoyuf

About the Artist

Morgan Asoyuf

Ts'msyen (Tsimshian)

"Art is an intimate connection to our history, identity and our community. I am honoured to continue our traditions and to share them."

Native Northwest - Art by Indigenous Artists - Celebrating 40 Years

About the Supplier

Native Northwest

We believe that Indigenous artists should be treated fairly and with respect.

Each of our exchanges, from the sourcing and compensation of Indigenous artists, to our staff and merchants, are part of a lifelong relationship between Indigenous cultures and the communities we pledge to honour and respect. Authenticity of art, design, and culture is the foundation to our mission of building everyday connection to Indigenous cultures.

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