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Richard Diebenkorn: Ocean Park 2024 Wall Calendar

Richard Diebenkorn: Ocean Park 2024 Wall Calendar

By Pomegranate

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Dynamic composition and rich coloration form a key element throughout the varied, multi-decade career of mid-century American artist Richard Diebenkorn. One of the most influential figures during the post-WWII era, his oeuvre encompassed three distinct stylistic transitions: the Sausalito, Albuquerque, Urbana, and early Berkeley eras of Abstract Expressionism (1947–1955); the Berkeley figurative/representational period (1955–1966); and the Ocean Park (1967–1988) and Healdsburg (1988–1992) abstract series. This wall calendar contains 12 images chosen from the Ocean Park series.

  • 12 monthly grids and full-color artwork
  • High-quality printing with soy-based inks on premium, environmentally sourced paper
  • Exceptional color quality
  • Grid pages are easy to write on
  • Features US, Canadian, and United Kingdom legal holidays
  • Perfect for hanging at home or over an office desk
  • Opens to 12 × 26 inches (30.4 × 66 cm)

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About the Artist, Richard Diebenkorn

Richard Diebenkorn, a prominent American artist, is celebrated for his exceptional contributions to the world of abstract expressionism and color. Born on April 22, 1922, in Portland, Oregon, he developed a passion for art at an early age, setting the stage for a groundbreaking artistic journey.

Diebenkorn's artistic evolution was marked by distinct phases that showcased his versatility and innovation. In the 1950s, he emerged as a prominent figure in the abstract expressionist movement. During this period, he explored non-representational art, using bold brushstrokes and dynamic compositions to convey emotion and energy. His "Ocean Park" series, created during the 1960s and 1970s, exemplified his fascination with geometry, space, and the interplay of light. These works, inspired by his surroundings in Southern California, are known for their vibrant colors and complex, yet harmonious, arrangements.

Diebenkorn's artistic journey wasn't limited to abstraction. In the 1980s, he transitioned to figurative art, demonstrating his mastery in capturing the human form and interior spaces. This shift revealed his commitment to constant exploration and growth as an artist. His figurative works were characterized by a unique blend of representational elements and a continuation of his fascination with color and composition.

Throughout his career, Diebenkorn's deep understanding of color became a hallmark of his artistry. He had an uncanny ability to use color to evoke emotions and create a sense of atmosphere in his paintings. His works often featured a harmonious interplay of hues, creating visual experiences that resonated with viewers on a profound level.

Diebenkorn's legacy is enduring. His contributions to abstract expressionism and his exceptional sense of color continue to influence artists worldwide. His dedication to pushing artistic boundaries, whether through abstraction or figuration, exemplifies his commitment to artistic growth and exploration.

On March 30, 1993, Richard Diebenkorn passed away, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire artists and art enthusiasts alike. His dynamic abstract works, iconic "Ocean Park" series, and his remarkable use of color serve as testaments to his lasting impact on the art world.

In summation, Richard Diebenkorn's artistic journey was marked by innovation, versatility, and an innate sense of color. His ability to transition between abstraction and figuration, combined with his masterful use of hues, solidifies his position as a pioneering artist in the realm of 20th-century American art.

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