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Bob Ross – Die Freude am Malen von Haftnotizen

Bob Ross – Die Freude am Malen von Haftnotizen

The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild

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Sie vergessen Einzelheiten? Sie verpassen Meetings? Sie verlieren Dinge oder verlieren vielleicht völlig die Kontrolle? Folgen Sie dem inspirierenden Beispiel von Bob Ross, der für seine PBS-Fernsehserie The Joy of Painting bekannt ist. Beruhigen Sie sich ... GANZ. Das Bob Ross-Haftnotizbuch enthält Bilder von Bob Ross und seiner Arbeit. Es enthält Hunderte praktischer Notizen und Seitenmarkierungen, mit denen Sie Ihre Notizen und Termine im Auge behalten können. Schon bald werden Sie den ruhigen Künstler selbst zitieren: „An manchen Tagen funktioniert einfach alles für Sie. Alles, was Sie anfassen, funktioniert.“

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Bob Ross

Über den Künstler

Bob Ross

Bob Ross (1942 — 1995) left an indelible mark on the world of art with his unique approach to painting and his soothing presence on screen. Despite facing challenges in his early life, Ross discovered his passion for painting while stationed in Alaska during his time in the U.S. Air Force. The breathtaking landscapes of the Alaskan wilderness served as a wellspring of inspiration for his future artistic endeavors.

Ross is most renowned for his television show "The Joy of Painting," which aired from 1983 to 1994. His calm demeanor, distinctive Afro hairstyle, and trademark phrase "happy little trees" endeared him to millions of viewers around the globe. Ross's "wet-on-wet" oil painting technique, where layers of paint are applied while the previous layers are still wet, allowed him to create stunning landscapes and seascapes in just half an hour. He encouraged viewers to embrace mistakes and see them as opportunities for creativity, fostering a sense of confidence and enjoyment in painting.

Beyond his televised presence, Bob Ross was also a dedicated teacher and philanthropist. He founded his own art school and provided instructional materials, ensuring that his unique style and philosophy of painting could be accessible to all. Sadly, Bob Ross passed away on July 4, 1995, but his legacy endures through his art, his teachings, and the countless people he inspired to pick up a paintbrush and discover the joy of creating their own worlds on canvas.

The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild

Über das Brand

The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild

The origins of the Unemployed Philosophers Guild are shrouded in mystery. Some accounts trace the Guild's birth to Athens in the latter half of the 4th century BCE. Allegedly, several lesser philosophers grew weary of the endless Socratic dialogue endemic in their trade and turned to crafting household implements and playthings. (Hence the assertions that Socrates quaffed his hemlock poison from a Guild-designed chalice, though vigorous debate surrounds the question of whether it was a "disappearing" chalice.)

Others argue that the UPG dates from the High Middle Ages, when the Philosophers Guild entered the world of commerce by selling bawdy pamphlets to pilgrims facing long lines for the restroom. Business boomed until 1211 when Pope Innocent III condemned the publications. Not surprisingly, this led to increased sales, even as half our membership was burned at the stake.

More recently, revisionist historians have pinpointed the birth of the Guild to the time it was still cool to live in New York City's Lower East Side. Two brothers turned their inner creativity and love of paying rent towards fulfilling the people's needs for finger puppets, warm slippers, coffee cups, and cracking up at stuff.

Most of the proceeds go to unemployed philosophers (and their associates). A portion also goes to some groups working on profound causes.

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