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A History Lover's Guide to Norfolk

A History Lover's Guide to Norfolk

Arcadia Publishing

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Founded in the 17th century, Norfolk started as a small village near the Elizabeth River and eventually flourished into a bustling port city by the time of the Revolutionary War. Over the centuries, the city expanded from its original neighborhoods, such as the Freemason District, to newer areas like Ghent on the Hague. With its rich history as a major naval hub, 20th century Norfolk has much to offer to visitors. Join us on a journey through the diverse and dynamic past of this multifaceted city, led by knowledgeable authors from local museums, historical organizations, and city institutions. Experience the historic charm of Norfolk's oldest neighborhoods and discover the fascinating stories of its beachside communities. Our tour concludes with recommendations for dining and entertainment options that still echo the city's vibrant history.

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  • Product Type: Local History, Trade Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Published in 2021
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About Norfolk Historians

Peggy Haile McPhillips is the recently retired Historian for the City of Norfolk. Amanda Williams is the acting director of the MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk, Virginia. Jaclyn Spainhour is the director of the Hunter House Victorian Museum in Norfolk, Virginia. Anthony J. Orlikoff is the lead education specialist at the National Museum of the Army in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Rachel McCall is the director of strategic initiatives with the Downtown Norfolk Council. Raven Hudson is the former assistant director of the Hunter House Victorian Museum in Norfolk, Virginia. Matthew Whitlock is an instructor of history at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Jennifer Lucy is the marketing and design manager for the Hermitage Museum and Gardens in Norfolk, Virginia. Shannon Stafford is the lead tour guide for the Norfolk Society of Cemetery Conservation. Barbara Gullickson is the director of visitor experience with VisitNorfolk in Norfolk, Virginia.

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