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Pride Sticker
Pride Sticker
Flags For Good

Pride Sticker

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Originally designed by artist Gilbert Baker in 1978. (One of Baker's Rainbow Flags is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art.)

According to its creator, the colors of the rainblow flag are meant to represent the following:

Red represents life.
Orange represents healing.
Yellow represents sunlight.
Green represents nature.
Blue represents harmony and peace.
Violet represents spirit.
  • 2.5 × 4.2 inches (6.3 × 10.6 cm)
  • Sold individually, but you'll want several
Flags For Good

Michael and Cassie Green started Flags for Good in 2020 out of a lifelong obsession with flags (seriously: see Michael's TED talk about them), quarantine boredom, and societal rage.

Flags For Good supports a relevant world-changing organization for every one of their flags.

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