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Edward Hopper (1882–1967) has a fascinating story of American success, even if it took some time to achieve. At 40 years old, he struggled as an artist, unable to sell a single painting. But as he approached 80, Time magazine featured him on its cover. Today, Hopper is widely recognized as a major figure in modern art, known for his unique ability to capture emotions and places in a way that stays with you.

Hopper's art often explores life in the modern city. His paintings depict scenes like diners, cafes, shops, streetlights, gas stations, train stations, and hotel rooms. He uses bold colors and strong lighting to create dramatic contrasts, and his figures often seem both part of and separate from their surroundings. Throughout his work, there is a sense of unease, loneliness, and tension, although he also portrays moments of tranquility and hope in his rural and coastal scenes.

This book showcases important works from Hopper's career, introducing a key figure not only in American art history but also in the American psyche.

    • English edition
    • Product Type: Monograph, Hardcover
    • 96 pages, with 100 illustrations
    • Published in 2022
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    Edward Hopper

    About the Artist

    Edward Hopper

    Edward Hopper (1882 — 1967) was an American painter whose realistic depictions of everyday urban scenes shock the viewer into recognition of the strangeness of familiar surroundings. He strongly influenced the Pop Art and New Realist painters of the 1960s and 1970s, as well as cinema, notably the films directed by Alfred Hitchcock (including Psycho, and Rope). Hopper was a minor-key artist, creating subdued drama out of commonplace subjects "layered with a poetic meaning", inviting narrative interpretations, often unintended. He was praised for "complete verity" in the America he portrayed.

    About the Author

    Rolf G. Renner

    Rolf G. Renner, born in 1945, earned his doctorate in 1976, and has taught at the universities of Göttingen and Munich (Germany), Charlottesville (Virginia), and Columbia (New York). Since 1988, he has served as professor at the University of Freiburg in Germany. Numerous of his articles have appeared in various magazines and journals.


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