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Handmade Glass Dreidel
Luke Stone Glass

Handmade Glass Dreidel

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Our glass dreidels are individually made at the Perry Glass Studio here at the Chrysler by glassmaker Luke Stone. Each one is carefully shaped by melting a rod of clear borosilicate glass with a torch. Once the dreidel has cooled, Luke engraves the Hebrew letters nun, gimel, hei, and shin on each side by hand, using a diamond cutting wheel.

Although our dreidel will spin, because it is made of glass we recommend using it as a decoration or gift only. Measures 1.625 inches (4.1 cm) tall.

Rules To Play

To start the game, every participant puts one game piece into the center "pot". Every player also puts one piece into the pot when the pot is empty or there is only one game piece in the pot.

Each player spins the dreidel once during their turn. Depending on which side is facing up when it stops spinning, the player whose turn it is gives or takes game pieces from the pot:

  • If נ‎ (nun) is facing up, the player does nothing.
  • If ג‎ (gimel) is facing up, the player gets everything in the pot.
  • If ה‎ (hei) is facing up, the player gets half of the pieces in the pot. If there are an odd number of pieces in the pot, the player takes half the pot rounded up to the nearest whole number.
  • If ש‎ (shin) is facing up, the player adds one of their game pieces to the pot (sometimes accompanied by the chant "shin, shin, put one in"). In some game versions a Shin results in adding three game pieces to the pot, one for each stem of the letter shin (ש‎).

Luke Stone

Luke Stone

Luke Stone holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). He first explored art at the Toledo Museum of Art, where he took courses in photography, iron working and hot glass. He discovered hot glass to be his medium of choice and focused on hot glass manipulation and metal working at VCU. In his current work, Stone uses glass to create visual stories.

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