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Aufkleber: Huntingtons „The Torch Bearers“

Aufkleber: Huntingtons „The Torch Bearers“

Today Is Art Day

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Dieser runde 3-Zoll-Aufkleber zeigt Anna Hyatt Huntingtons ikonische Reiterskulptur „The Torch Bearers“, die monumental vor dem Chrysler Museum of Art steht. Der grüne Hintergrund ist mit einem tapferen Reiter geschmückt, eine perfekte Erinnerung an die unendliche Kraft der Kunst.

  • Strapazierfähiges, wasserfestes Vinyl
  • Gedruckt in lebendigen Vollfarben
  • Stark klebende Rückseite
  • Product type: Aufkleber
  • Shipping Dimensions: 5.5 × 3.5  (14.0 × 8.9 cm)
  • Shipping Weight: 0.01 lb (0.1 oz; 3 g)
  • SKU010010355

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Anna Hyatt Huntington

Über den Künstler

Anna Hyatt Huntington

Anna Hyatt Huntington (1876 – 1973) was an American sculptor who was among New York City's most prominent sculptors in the early 20th century. At a time when very few women were successful artists, she had a thriving career. Hyatt Huntington exhibited often, traveled widely, received critical acclaim at home and abroad, and won multiple awards and commissions.

During the first two decades of the 20th century, Hyatt Huntington became famous for her animal sculptures, which combine vivid emotional depth with skillful realism. In 1915, she created the first public monument by a woman to be erected in New York City. Her Joan of Arc, located on Riverside Drive at 93rd Street, is the city's first monument dedicated to a historical woman.

Anna Hyatt Huntington im Chrysler Museum
David Beaulieu, founder of Today Is Art Day, with daughter Juliette visiting Musée d'Orsay in 2017

Über das Vendor

Today Is Art Day

Today is Art Day has been bringing art history to its fans in groundbreaking ways since 2014. From its start as a social media feed, Today is Art Day has flourished into a popular curator of art history to a growing community of over 125,000 followers.

In addition to providing a daily online dose of art history sprinkled with intriguing fun facts, Today is Art Day strives to make every day an art day thanks to its line of innovative and amusing collectible products inspired by great masterpieces and artists throughout history.

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