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Emaille-Anstecker: Ukiyo-e-Katze mit Ball im gelben Kimono

Emaille-Anstecker: Ukiyo-e-Katze mit Ball im gelben Kimono


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Ehren Sie die japanische Kultur mit dieser schönen Emaille-Anstecknadel! Diese zeitlose Anstecknadel folgt einem Ukiyo-e-Stil und zeigt eine süße Katze in einem gelben Kimono, die mit einem Ball interagiert. Hochwertiges Hartemaille sorgt dafür, dass diese Anstecknadel jedem Anstecknadel-Set japanische Schönheit verleiht.

  • Hartemaille-Anstecknadel mit Verschlussbolzen
  • 1,54 × 0,69 Zoll (3,9 × 1,75 cm)
  • Product type: Emaille-Anstecker
  • Shipping Dimensions: 1.0 × 3.5 × 3.5 inches  (2.5 × 8.9 × 8.9 cm)
  • Shipping Weight: 0.09 lb (1.5 oz; 43 g)
  • SKU010010642 | 649985911767

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Portrait of Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Über den Künstler

Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Utagawa Kuniyoshi (Japanese: 歌川 国芳, 1798 – 1861) was one of the last great masters of the Japanese ukiyo-e style of woodblock prints and painting. He was a member of the Utagawa school.

The range of Kuniyoshi's subjects included many genres: landscapes, women, Kabuki actors, cats, and mythical animals. He is known for depictions of the battles of legendary samurai heroes. His artwork incorporated aspects of Western representation in landscape painting and caricature.

Utagawa Kuniyoshi im Chrysler Museum
WizHead - The Head is a Puzzle!

Über das Maker


WizHead.com is a startup company based in Boston, Massachusetts, co-founded by Aone Wang and Mo-Han Hsieh. We identify ourselves as a technology company providing innovative and practical solution for the art of paper crafting.

As engineers, we are fascinated by the convergence of science and art and our papercraft models are the dynamic result of this intersection. At the core of Wizhead is our desire to introduce people, of all ages, to objects that capture the essence of the many characters who have influenced this story we call LIFE. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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