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Wabi Sabi Glass Tumbler (Glacier Blue) by Andrew Iannazzi

Wabi Sabi Glass Tumbler (Glacier Blue) by Andrew Iannazzi

By Vitricca Iannazzi

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Experience the unparalleled quality of the Wabi Sabi Glass Tumbler created by skilled artisan Andrew Iannazzi. Each glass is meticulously handmade in the gentle hue of Glacier Blue, adding a touch of elegance to your dining experience. Embodying the timeless Japanese concept of wabi sabi, this tumbler honors the allure of imperfection. Its delicate rippled glass and ergonomic design make it a captivating choice for any assortment.

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Vitricca Iannazzi

"Vitricca" is the linguistic creation of Andrew Iannazzi as he strives to define the multi-faceted pursuits of his artistic work. It combines the latin words vitrum, for glass, and fabrica for workshop, art, trade, industry, or craft. This term deftly describes the arsenal of artistic endeavors he aims to pursue.

Andrew Iannazzi is a tradesman with a deep connection to the rich history of traditional Italian and European glass making and its relation to American design. His work is hands-on and hand crafted resulting in objects that reflect references of the past while being inspired by direct experiences in his own life. He is an east coast glass worker (based in Cambridge, MA), with a multi-trade background which helps him translate those artisan experiences into glassware with a unique point of view.

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