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Upcycled Bangles from Africa

Upcycled Bangles from Africa

The East Africa Co.

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Upcycled from plastic, these bangles are hand-made by women in Mali and Burkina Faso as a way to supplement their income. Colors and patterns vary. The Burkina Faso bangles are larger, while the Mali bangles are very thin and look best when worn in multiples.
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About the Supplier

The East Africa Co.

A native of New Zealand, Steve Parkes has been travelling to and from Africa, trading with the locals, for more than 25 years. Thriving on the personal connections he has made with his friends in Mali, South Africa, the Ivory Coast and other places, he returns to visit and trade with them twice a year. Peter (who makes the wire rings), Bart (who makes toy cars and planes from tin cans), and Peace Corp Baba (who makes woven bangles) have become long-time friends and business partners.

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