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The LGBTQ + History Book

The LGBTQ + History Book

Penguin Random House

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This book offers an informative overview of the joys, hardships, and concealed aspects of LGBTQ+ history. A comprehensive, worldwide account details the essential concepts, movements, and figures, from Sappho's early lesbian love poetry to Anne Lister and Allen Ginsberg. It marks both historic victories and losses, like the Stonewall Riots and “Night Police”, and reflects on major LGBTQ+ influences like polari language, Black and Latinx ballroom culture, and many pride flags. It chronicles sites of importance, from 18th-century "molly houses" to contemporary "gayborhoods," and commemorates the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy. Harnessing expert analysis and captivating graphics, The LGBTQ+ History Book captures the vibrant yet often unseen story of LGBTQ+ people all over the globe.
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  • 336 pages
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