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Project 562

Project 562

Penguin Random House

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Celebrated photographer and storyteller Matika Wilbur, a member of the Swinomish and Tulalip Tribes, presents a captivating collection of photographs and narratives that joyfully depict the vibrant life and diverse cultures of Native Americans today. Through her lens, she not only celebrates contemporary Native American life but also delves into the profound challenges and issues that Native people continue to confront. Wilbur's work provides an insightful exploration of Native American experiences, offering a deeper understanding and appreciation of their rich heritage and ongoing resilience.

In 2012, Matika Wilbur embarked on an inspiring journey fueled by a Kickstarter campaign, which led her to sell all her belongings in her Seattle apartment. Her mission was to visit, connect with, and capture the essence of individuals hailing from the 562 federally recognized Native American Tribal Nations at that time. Throughout the following ten years, Wilbur traversed an astonishing distance of six hundred thousand miles, covering all fifty states—venturing from the Everglades (formerly Seminole country) to the Bering Sea (formerly Inuit territory). She diligently met, interviewed, and photographed countless Indigenous people. The resulting body of work stands as a powerful antidote to the oversimplified and outdated stereotypes often portrayed in mainstream media. Wilbur's photographs and narratives do justice to the richness, diversity, and lived experiences of Indian Country, amplifying and honoring the multifaceted realities of Native peoples.
  • Product Type: Book, Hardcover
  • 416 pages, with 500 illustrations
  • Published in 2023
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Matika Wilbur

About the Photographer

Matika Wilbur

Matika Wilbur is a critically acclaimed social documentarian and photographer from the Swinomish and Tulalip peoples of coastal Washington. Project 562, a crowd-funded initiative to visit, engage, and photograph people from over 562 sovereign Tribal Nations in North America, is her fourth major creative venture elevating Native American identity and culture.

She co-hosts the All My Relations podcast with Dr. Adrienne Keene as a platform that invites guests to delve into subjects facing Native peoples today and explore the connections between land, non-human relatives, and one another. She has offered over 300 keynotes at such places as Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Google, TED Talks, the National Education Association, and National Geographic Explorer, and is a regular contributor to the New York Times.

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