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Picasso Bull: A Flipbook
Picasso Bull: A Flipbook

Picasso Bull: A Flipbook

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This flipbook shows an amazing sequence of Picasso bull lithographs – Realist, Cubist, Abstract – it's like a master class in Art!

  • 4 × 2 inches (5 × 10.1 cm)
  • 39 pages
  • Pages are blank on the back (You can draw your own flipbook here!)


Pablo Picasso created Bull in merely two months in 1945. Bull is a series of eleven lithographs in which Picasso visually dissects the image of a bull to discover its essential elements and reveal the absolute "spirit of the beast." The series has been referred to as a master class in how to develop an artwork. From Realism to Cubism and finally to the last image--a Minimalist, abstract rendering that is quintessentially modern and yet remarkably reminiscent of a cave painting. Bull's successive images are a prime example of Picasso's uniquely all-encompassing vision.

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