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Pastorale: The Vegetable Vendor Magnet

Pastorale: The Vegetable Vendor Magnet

Chrysler Museum of Art

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This 2 x 3 inch refrigerator magnet from the Chrysler Museum is a unique addition to your kitchen decor. Made in the USA and exclusive to the museum, Pastorale: The Vegetable Vendor is a beautiful piece of art for your home.

François Boucher
French, 1703–1770
Pastorale: The Vegetable Vendor, ca. 1735
Oil on canvas

The subject here seems straightforward: a farm boy presents his produce to a kitchen maid, hoping to make a sale. Yet the scene is coded with symbols that chart a more arousing theme. Eighteenth-century viewers would have seen the parsnips the boy offers to the maid, the bound animals on his donkey, and even the eggs in the basket at left as emblems of lovemaking. This blushing encounter of boy and girl brims with sexual longing, their business exchange symbolizing something far more intense: the triumph of love.

  • Strong magnet
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