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Edvard Munch "The Scream" Die-Cut Notecard
Edvard Munch "The Scream" Sticker Sheet
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Edvard Munch "The Scream" Die-Cut Notecard

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Aaaaaaahhhh!! The horror!!! A die-cut card of Munch's The Scream! Comes with an envelope and a sticker sheet filled with quotes and funny sayings plus traditional messages like "Happy Birthday."
"No longer shall I paint interirors with men reading and women knitting. I will paint living people who breathe and feel and suffer and love."
—Edvard Munch (1863 - 1944)
Norwegian artist Edvard Munch first exhibited his painting, Der Schrei der Natur, in an 1893 Berlin exhibition; however, several images constitute The Scream, including lithographs, paintings and pastel drawings. Ten years earlier, the volcano Krakatoa sent tons of ash into the atmosphere; Munch witnessed the eerie red sunsets it caused and "felt a great, unending scream piercing through nature." His horror led "the Father of Expressionism" to create one of the most recognizable images in modern art.

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