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Deep Color

Deep Color

Schiffer Publishing

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Destined to become a classic, Deep Color explores how color acts on our imagination, subconscious, and daily decisions. It helps readers unpack the color-laden stimuli that come their way every minute of every day.

Color is a powerful force in our lives. It is a major influence in visual and verbal communication and on the decisions we make every day. Deep Color unpacks all the shades of the rainbow (plus black, white, and pink) with little-known facts, stunning visuals, and a critical perspective on color and the nonverbal meanings it carries. Essays explore the intriguing facets of color, such as imperial yellow in China or lapis lazuli in Egypt. Each hue is illustrated not just in words, but in historical and contemporary images that show how ancient ideas are still very much alive today—and also how color can take on new meanings. For creatives of all kinds, Deep Color helps us unpack the color-laden stimuli all around us and find new depth in our color choices.

About the Author

Keith Recker has served as color guru for major corporations and global nonprofits for more than 35 years. Author of True Colors and PANTONE: The Twentieth Century, his work on color and culture has appeared in a wide range of influential publications. Recker lives in Sewickley, Pennsylvania.


  • Product Type: Book, Hardcover, with dust jacket
  • 384 pages, with 115 illustrations
  • Published in 2022
  • Shipping Dimensions: 8.8 × 6.0 × 1.5 inches  (22.4 × 15.2 × 3.8 cm)
  • Shipping Weight: 2.57 lb (41.2 oz; 1168 g)
  • SKU010008232 | 9780764364419

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About the Publisher

Schiffer Publishing

Located in Chester County, Pennsylvania, Schiffer Books got its start in 1974 publishing historical reports using a mimeograph machine on the owner's kitchen table. A few years later, Schiffer moved to the basement of a barn on the family's farm property. More than 50 years later, Schiffer Publishing is still an independent publisher of 7,000 titles at the Book Farm in Atglen, PA, where visitors are welcome to browse the library.

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