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Chrysler Museum of Art Magic FX Pencils

Chrysler Museum of Art Magic FX Pencils

Chrysler Museum of Art

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Add pizzazz to any coloring, drawing, or art project with these chunky, colorful pencils from the Chrysler Museum of Art. A childhood favorite, the Magic FX™ pencil by Koh-I-Noor was the first multi-colored pencil with braided leads of bright, contrasting colors.  With every stroke the unique mosaic lead puts down a kaleidoscope of color. The neon pencil also adds an additional fluorescent effect under UV light. Magic FX™ pencils are big and chunky and boast a 5.6mm lead.  Each pencil has been marbled to indicate the colors of the lead. 

  • Branded with the Chrysler Museum logo
  • Multi-colored core changes color as you draw
  • 7 inches (17.7 cm) long
  • ⅝ inch (1.5 cm) diameter. A large-hole sharpener is required.
  • Chunky 5.6 mm lead
  • Large diameter hexagonal shape is easy to hold
  • Natural wood barrel
  • MSDS

  • Product type: Colored Pencil
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