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Art Firsts: The Story of Art in 30 Pioneering Works

Art Firsts: The Story of Art in 30 Pioneering Works

Laurence King Publishing

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The true history of art is not solely about art-historical 'isms' or complicated academic discussions. Rather, it often revolves around significant firsts - an artist's first self-portrait, the first portrayal of a smile, the first depiction of a physical location, the first feminist piece, and the first anti-war creation.

Art is constantly evolving and revolutionizing itself through groundbreaking creative leaps. Art Firsts presents a collection of 30 of these pioneering firsts, revealing a unique perspective on the world of art and providing insight into its origins and relevance. Each piece is presented in an easily understandable manner and is accompanied by striking illustrations and examples of how subsequent artists were influenced by them. With a refreshing and intriguing narrative, Art Firsts delves into the significance of masterpieces and showcases the brilliance of artistic innovation.
  • Written by Nick Trend
  • A new, simple way of looking at, appreciating, and understanding where art has come from
  • Each 'first' is deliberately related to our everyday - instead of the traditional art-historical milestones - and is succinctly and entertainingly explained
  • Includes famous and iconic works alongside unknown gems from around the world
  • Product Type: Book, Flexibound
  • 208 pages
  • Published in 2023
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About the Author

Nick Trend

Nick Trend is a journalist and art historian. As Chief Culture Editor for the travel desk of the Daily Telegraph, he has spent nearly three decades writing about the world's art treasures and has produced guides to many of the greatest museums and art collections. He has also worked on the curatorial staff at the National Gallery in London and has a degree in English Literature from Cambridge and a PhD in Art History from the University of East Anglia.

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