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Handmade in small batches, The Trovelore collection is made-to-order by skilled artisans in India with love and care. We are among a few small companies that create nearly everything in a single facility from design to the final product. We are an embroidery atelier with a mission to make an ‘Impact through Design’. Embroidery is one of India's most recognizable and prized textile traditions. We empower our artisans to use their traditional skills and translate them into inspiring everlasting quality products that are relevant globally.

Our registered partner workshop is based in the New Delhi, Capital Region of India. The number of artisans employed by our workshop is more than ten, thus by law all registered establishments need to be compliant, engaging in fair trade practices providing artisans above the age of 18 years with a safe environment, minimum wage, social security welfare, and healthcare benefits.

Our artisans work in a comfortable work space and avail the benefits of social security and healthcare. All our artisans take home double the minimum stipulated wage and in some cases about three times the national level.

Additionally, a contribution is made to their retirement benefit fund with the intent to provide them with a secure future and a fulfilling life.