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Welcome Gift Soap

Welcome Gift Soap

Tamanohada Soap Co.

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In Japanese culture, it is customary to offer a gift such as a gift-boxed "welcome" soap on a rope. The fish shape is based on the Red Seabream, native to Japan, where the red color is seen as auspicious. This beautiful, delicate shape was created using a process based on the wooden mold used to make the Japanese sweet called Rakugan. 

Tamanohada soaps are made from entirely plant based material, from natural plant oil. This soap series is made to give your skin an extra gentle care, and thus could be used for washing your body and also your face. It's texture is between liquid and milk, leaving a delicate moisturize protection and scent to your skin. As it is used, the soap will also perfume the air with a light scent.


  • Made in Japan
  • Light pomegranate scent
  • Product type: Soap
  • Shipping Weight: 0.76 lb (12.2 oz; 345 g)
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