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Vincent van Gogh "Sunflowers" Tote Bag
Vincent van Gogh "Sunflowers" Tote Bag, reversed
Vincent van Gogh "Sunflowers" Tote Bag and zip pouch
Vincent van Gogh "Sunflowers" Tote Bag, rolled

Vincent van Gogh "Sunflowers" Tote Bag

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Sensual swirls of yellow. An ode to the sunflowers. Wear both sides (it's reversible!) Consuming colors. Sumptuous swirls. Painfully painterly. Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh is one of the world’s most well-known artists. He only painted for about 10 years, yet he produced more than 2000 works—all in his unmistakable, signature style. The Van Gogh Museum, located in Amsterdam shows the world-famous and most recognizable Van Gogh's paintings.

This Loqi tote bag is made of tear- and water-resistant polyester. It is lightweight, yet strong. Comes folded inside a zippered pouch, which can be used as a coin purse. 

  • 1.94 ounces (55 g)
  • Carries up to 44 lbs (20 kg)
  • Expanded size: 19.7 × 16.5 in (50 × 42 cm)
  • Pouch: 4.3 × 4.5 in (11 × 11.5 cm)
  • Handle: 10.6 in (27 cm)
  • Reversible

Vincent van Gogh, Sunflowers, 1889. © Van Gogh Museum

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