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Scream String Doll

Scream String Doll

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The Scream String Doll reminds you not to keep frustrations bottled up.

  • String doll is 2 - 3 in (5 - 7.6 cm) long, not including key ring
  • Key ring and lobster claw clasp attached
  • Fabric tag describing the dolls "super power"
  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Fair Trade

The following information is provided by Kristen and Chris Daniels, founders of Kamibashi.

About Us

Kamibashi (paper bridge in Japanese) is the happy result of an English teaching career in Japan that put my husband Chris and me in direct contact with talented young Asian artists whose works we stumbled across and then immediately felt an affinity with.
In 2003, with our university teaching contracts more than half finished, we decided that, despite the 5 months of paid holidays and our attachment to our life in Kyoto, a move back to the US and a career change was a good idea... and so we started working on Kamibashi.
Our string doll artists are based in small villages in the mountains outside of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Crafting String Dolls is the main occupation for most of our artisans, which means a reliable income and improved living standards for their families and communities in their economically developing regions. When they are not making string dolls, many of our workers spend time taking care of their families and tending to their vegetable gardens for self-sufficiency. Some have other jobs such as sewing or working in shops and restaurants. 

Fair Trade

Kamibashi has always practiced Fair Trade principles, which include working with artisans in developing countries (in our case Thailand) and paying fair prices for their amazing work. We have been a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation since April 2012.