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Paul Gauguin, French Painter
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Paul Gauguin, French Painter

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The life of artist Paul Gauguin is told through the eyes of his daughter, Aline. When Gauguin lost his job at a Parisian bank, his wife and children moved to Denmark to live with her mother. Paul remained in Paris where he worked on turning his hobby into his profession. Gauguin eventually moved to Tahiti where he continued to paint in a style uniquely his own.

Though he was considered a failure during his own time, history paints Gauguin as one of the leading French Post-Impressionists. He developed a conceptual method of representation, using pure color, strong lines, and two-dimensional patterns. The final pages of the book are Paul Gauguin's own words.

  • 36 pages
  • Written by Diane Cook
  • Illustrated in color throughout by Yan Thomas
  • 9.13 × 13½ in (23.2 × 34.3 cm)

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