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Origami Cranes Garland
DZI Handmade

Origami Cranes Garland

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This festive eco-garland is made with paper from sustainably harvested Himalayan lokta shrubs that grow in the remote highlands of Nepal. Lotka regenerates after every cutting, thus providing a sustainable source of income for rural people while preserving the fragile mountain ecology.

Skilled artisans use traditional paper making techniques to create this delightful decoration using traditional dying and screen printing techniques. Hang them anywhere, but do not expose to rain. Colors may fade in direct sunlight.

  • Garland is 5 feet long (1.5 meters)
  • 12 origami cranes on each strand

As a founding member of the Fair Trade Federation, dZi strives to create ethical business relationships to promote better wages and working conditions for the artisans and people who produce and manage the production of our products.

The Fair Trade Federation was formed in 1994 as a trade association that strengthens and promotes North American organizations fully committed to fair trade. The Fair Trade Federation is part of the global fair trade movement, building equitable and sustainable trading partnerships and creating opportunities to alleviate poverty.

DZI Handmade's commitment to the 9 Principles of Fair Trade

  1. Create Opportunities for Economically and Socially Marginalized Producers
  2. Develop Transparent and Accountable Relationships
  3. Build Capacity
  4. Promote Fair Trade
  5. Pay Promptly and Fairly
  6. Support Safe and Empowering Working Conditions
  7. Ensure the Rights of Children
  8. Cultivate Environmental Stewardship
  9. Respect Cultural Identity

More information about DZI Handmade's commitment to Fair Trade can be found here.

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