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Jumble Necklace with Bar

Jumble Necklace with Bar

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A jumble of silver circles is accented by a single red bar and matte black rubber in this contemporary necklace by Laura Hutchcroft of Inteplei. 

  • 18 inch chain
  • Handmade
  • Sterling silver, rubber and acrylic
Laura Hutchcroft, Inteplei
Inteplei (in-tuh-play) jewelry is created through exploration and play, often with no clear outcome in mind. Themes are built around recurring elements; an interplay of simple geometrics, organic forms, and a minimalist aesthetic. Influenced by the diversity of modern architecture and the natural world. My work is a combination of engineering and aesthetics. With a direct approach to composition, constructions are based on tension systems, and connections are made by the simplest means. Experimenting with various material and their possibilities of expression has resulted in a collection of individualistic jewelry that is equally prepared to make a statement, and become an everyday favorite. Laura Hutchcroft is self taught as an artist and metalsmith, and each piece of her work is carefully constructed by hand in her studio workshop.

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