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Chrysler To Go Activity Kit #4: Experimental Watercolors
Chrysler To Go Activity Kit #4: Experimental Watercolors
Chrysler Museum of Art

Chrysler To Go Activity Kit #4: Experimental Watercolors

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William Shakespeare’s plays have inspired people around the world to create new plays, films, music, and artwork for many centuries. At the Chrysler, we have a painting of a scene from The Tempest from 1825 and a giant robot sculpture made in 1996 that depicts the title character of Hamlet.

Tim Rollins challenged his students to think about a magic flower in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and then create it using watercolor and a few other supplies. He attached them all to the one artwork you see here.

You will use watercolors to create abstract shapes on top of the text from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Learn several techniques from other watercolors in the Chrysler collection.

Take a closer look at Tim Rollins’ A Midsummer Night’s Dream XVI (after William Shakespeare), South Bronx—Norfolk, Virginia

  • Includes everything you need to experiment with watercolors
  • Link to instructional video included in the kit
  • Adult supervision recommended
  • Ideal for ages 5 and up
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Each encounter with the Chrysler, whether in-person or virtual, should leave you enlightened, happy, and inspired. We enjoy every opportunity to bring art and people together through free admission and a broad range of exhibitions and programming. 

Our Chrysler-to-Go kits help children and adults take a break, enjoy a close look at an object from our collection, and create a work of art inspired by it. Each kit provides access to a video that gives the inside scoop on an artwork. Use the questions that are included to spark conversation and the instructions to complete an art activity. Each kit has most of the materials you need to complete the activity. Scissors are not included.