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Black Art Matters Advocacy Postcard Pack

Black Art Matters Advocacy Postcard Pack

Willie Cole

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Make your voice heard with this stylish Black Art Matters Advocacy Postcard Pack! Featuring ten postcards with the powerful statement 'Black Art Matters' on an eye-catching orange on black background, this pack lets you support black art and activism. Set includes five cards of each design, "Black Art Matters" and Willie Cole's "iron print".

  • Pack of ten postcards (five of each design)
  • Exclusive packaging featuring Willie Cole's iconic iron print
  • Product type: Postcard
  • Shipping Dimensions: 4.25 × 6.0  (10.8 × 15.2 cm)
  • Shipping Weight: 0.25 lb (4.0 oz; 113 g)
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Willie Cole

About the Artist

Willie Cole

Since 1988, Willie Cole (b. 1955) has repeatedly returned to the iron to conjure multiple meanings and associations. His technique consists of scorching a raw canvas with a steam iron until the surface starts to burn. The iron imagery suggests domestic labor and traditional femininity, perhaps honoring his mother’s and grandmother’s work as housekeepers. The scorched marks also speak to painful aspects of African American history. The hull-like shape recalls images of slave ships packed tightly with human cargo, and the burnt surface suggests the way slave owners sometimes branded the enslaved.

Willie Cole in the Chrysler Museum

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