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A Short Biography of Frederic Remington
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A Short Biography of Frederic Remington

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Frederic Remington’s paintings and sculptures are iconic. Though he traveled and documented life on the frontier in the 1800s, he noted that it was rapidly changing and would soon no longer be the wild west of his youthful fascination. Remington was a writer, painter and sculptor—and gave us the vitality of life in American West. 

The Short Biographies series features short, intriguing, and entertaining biographies of world-renowned figures. Each beautiful hardcover book includes an interesting retelling of a single person's life, suitable for young adults and adults alike. These little gems will become beloved souvenirs of a favorite artist or a memorable trip to the museum.

  • Written by Emily Wilson
  • 32 pages
  • Hardbound
  • 4.3 × 6.8 in (10.9 × 17.27 cm)

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