TRIDO is an impressive construction toy made of magnetic blocks inspired by the geometry of Platonic solids, embodying the ancient philosopher Plato’s notion of supreme symmetry. A Platonic solid is a polyhedron bounded only by congruent, regular polygons. TRIDO is based on the basic shapes tetrahedron and octahedron, which have a surface area of four and eight triangles respectively.

This simplicity nevertheless leads to impressive combination possibilities. When the elements are put together, they merge into interesting geometric honeycomb structures that inspire a variety of creative constructions. Pleasantly soft to the touch, the elements can be attached to each other thanks to an ingenious magnet system. Each side of each shape is embedded with several magnets that ensure strong connections and make it possible to create even highly complex and stable, elaborate structures.

TRIDO is designed with a color palette harmoniously balanced in nuances and contrasts. Its concept also includes expressive magnetic eyes that can make each individual structure appear “alive”. TRIDO awakens the play instinct of children and adults and enables creating impressively artistic, geometric three-dimensional structures.

Winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, a juried international design competition.