Harold Green III

Harold Green III is the author of Black Roses and an ever-evolving and internationally admired artist, bandleader, and producer who uses poetry as his central art form. He earned the prestigious Carl Sandburg Literary Award for his self-published debut poetry collection From Englewood, with Love. Green was a featured artist at the Chicago Mayoral Inauguration and the Illinois Holocaust Museum and has appeared on TEDx and at Aspen Ideas Festival. He has created commissioned work in partnership with major brands and organizations, including Nike, Lululemon, Jordan, Google, Chicago Public Schools, and the Chicago Transit Authority. Green has been featured in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and the Chicago Sun-Times, online on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Blog, Ebony Web, Windy City Live, and Black Enterprise Web. He lives in Chicago, Illinois, with his wife and his two young Black Saplings, his sons Zaire and Zulu.