Dandarah Glass

Among its numerous ancient crafts, Egypt has a long history with glassmaking. Archeologists have recently found evidence that Egyptians were making glass in large specialized facilities as far back as the reign of Akhenaten in the 14th century BCE.

Glassmakers heated and crushed the raw materials and the glass was then colored and heated inside specialized crucibles to form ingots, round solid disks, that were later reworked into decorative objects. Glass blowing as a technique is estimated to have developed in the 1st century BCE. This process is depicted in colorful wall paintings in Beni Hassa, an ancient Egyptian cemetery.

Today, this centuries-old tradition is still practiced in its original form by few Egyptian craftsmen, as the craft was passed from father to son.

Dandarah partners with master glass blowers in the historic center of Cairo to ensure this age-old craft is preserved and those glass masterpieces are enjoyed beyond Egypt.