Chloe Taylor

Chloe Tyler grew up in Cumming, Georgia, and hails from a lineage of artists. After graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in fine arts and graphic design, Chloe wanted to take on a project that would encourage her to spread her wings. This book is a reflection of the wide range of art techniques and styles she has explored over the years, including acrylic and oil painting, charcoal drawing, mixed media, realism, abstract realism, portraiture, figure drawing, mural painting, character illustration, pattern making, printmaking, graphic design, animation, band art, event posters, and creative branding. Chloe is not afraid of colors, particularly bright ones. In fact, rarely will you see her work without them. The vivid palettes she uses are indicative of her creative expression. She thinks and dreams in explosive colors and vibrant images. Chloe currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee working as an artist and graphic designer. She enjoys making artwork for bands all across Music City.