Bubble Tree

For 70 years bubbles have not changed until now. Established in 2020 American Bubble Company launches Bubble Tree™. A brand dedicated to change the way we play with bubbles forever.

American Bubble Company was developed by toy industry veterans who saw a void in the marketplace for American made products that are sustainable and eco-friendly. With 80 years of combined experience, we have developed a product that will truly inspire moments of happiness and fun with children, parents and the environment in mind.

The bubble solution that we formulated is a safer bubble solution that will produce the best performing and most vibrant bubbles you will ever see. The aluminum bubble bottles are custom designed to ergonomically fit into a child’s hand and the proprietary soft coated texture makes for a non-slip grip. After decades of trial and error, we have perfected the wand. The multi-ring design allows for maximum output of bubbles without having to use a lot of bubble solution.

The new generation of parents demands eco-friendly product with reliable ingredients from accountable sources. Our goal is to deliver high quality American made products that are eco-friendly, sustainable and eliminate one time use plastic bubble bottles. American Bubble Company ™ is here to deliver. Come join our family and be part of the solution.