Argentium Sterling Silver

Argentium® Silver Care & Information

Argentium Silver is a patented and trademarked brand of a silver alloy which replaces some of the copper in a traditional silver alloy with the metal germanium. It is a superior, high performance silver with a number of unique properties. These properties differentiate Argentium Silver from traditional Sterling silver.

Argentium Silver is more pure than Sterling (.935 or .960—sterling silver is .925 pure silver), has increased tarnish resistance, a whiter color, antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties and a firestain-free surface. All of these benefits make Argentium Silver better for the end wearer and gentler on the environment, as fewer chemicals are used in production.

Being both harder, and more tarnish-resistant than traditional sterling silver, Argentium Silver jewelry requires less maintenance and care than sterling. Simply wipe it with a clean cloth or swab it with alcohol to keep it clean.