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All the Beauty in the World : The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Me

All the Beauty in the World : The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Me

Simon & Schuster

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art welcomes millions of visitors annually. However, only a privileged few enjoy unrestricted access to the entire two million square foot treasure house. These guards, dressed in dark blue suits, quietly keep watch over the stunning collection. For Patrick Bringley, a rising star at The New Yorker, becoming one of them was never part of his plan. But when his brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he left the hustle and bustle of his career behind and sought refuge in the museum's beauty.

For the following decade, Bringley is pleasantly surprised to call this temporary refuge his second home. He dutifully protects valuable treasures while walking through the underground labyrinth and going through nine pairs of company shoes. As he becomes more comfortable, Bringley finds his place among the museum guards - a diverse and vibrant group of artists, musicians, and dreamers. Through his bonds with his colleagues and the art, Bringley learns to appreciate the beauty of his secluded little world and how it reflects the best parts of the outside world he slowly returns to.

Written from the perspective of an industry expert, "All The Beauty in the World" provides an educational and factual portrayal of a renowned museum, its hidden gems, and the dedicated individuals who keep it running. In the vein of notable workplace memoirs such as "Lab Girl" and "Working Stiff", this book offers a captivating and inspirational glimpse into the inner workings of a cultural institution.

The author will be the guest speaker at the annual meeting and luncheon of the Norfolk Society of Arts on May 6. 

  • Product Type: Biography, Trade Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Published in 2023
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Patrick Bringley

About the Author

Patrick Bringley

Patrick Bringley worked for ten years as a guard in the galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Prior to that, he worked in the editorial events office at The New Yorker magazine. He lives with his wife and children in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. All the Beauty in the World is his first book.

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