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Bullfighter Ornament
St. Nicolas

Bullfighter Ornament

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The American painter and teacher Robert Henri was "captivated by the romanticism, high emotion, and spectacle of bullfighting" so much so that he "came to see it as an art form and emblematic of Spanish masculine culture."1

Our bullfighter ornament is interpreted in richly embellished textiles, and is completely crafted by hand.



1From the essay, "Spain is Different" by Valerie Ann Leeds, in the Exhibition Catalog, Americans in Spain, Painting and Travel, 1820 - 1920.

Based in the United Kingdom, St. Nicolas specializes in bespoke decorations for Christmas and other occasions. All decorations are handmade, and the time taken to make each one is reflected in their unique quality.

For over 25 years St. Nicolas has worked with a small charity in Thailand that helps disadvantaged rural women find work in their community, rather than being forced to leave home to work in a factory. Today, some 200 skilled women work at home sewing the decorations, and many of them have been doing so for more than 10 years. All of the historical figure decorations are made in this way as well as numerous other designs.

St. Nicolas is proud to be a member of BAFTS (British Association of Fair Trade Suppliers) and supports the 10 Principles of Fair Trade, as set out by the World Fair Trade Organization.

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