Collection: If You Thirst for a Homeland: Flame-worked glass by Dafna Kaffeman

“If you thirst for a homeland and seek shelter in its bosom, love it and live in its mountains and valleys, its flora and fauna.”

Inspired by nature, the art of Dafna Kaffeman (Israeli, b. 1972) conveys the complexities of life in modern Israel. Kaffeman creates exquisitely crafted plant replicas using flame-worked glass. These botanical specimens reflect the natural world of the artist’s homeland. The glass plants are combined with Hebrew and Arabic words printed or embroidered on soft white fabric, including handkerchiefs which are often associated with Jewish cultural practices of celebration, commemoration, sacrifice, and mourning. Each plant the artist renders in glass has its own cultural and historical meaning.

On view  August 12, 2021 — December 12, 2021