Coming Together

This fall the Chrysler Museum will celebrate its reopening with an exhibition discussing the joys and complications of “coming together.” Over 100 works of art, drawn entirely from the Chrysler’s collection, will show the manifold ways artists have expressed and created the idea of community. Across photography, paintings, sculpture, and installation artists represent communities linked by activities, celebrations, demonstrations, love, and family.

COVID-19 is a global phenomenon that has, however briefly, united us in a struggle against a pandemic, and brought out in people everywhere a dramatic appreciation for their communities and personal connection. Quarantine and the numerous deaths of Black and Brown peoples has been a catalyst for change, protest, and cautious hope, a moment to ask uncomfortable questions about racism and intolerance. While we want to come together now there are still questions as to how to do that. Moreover, what can this moment teach us about each other, our common experiences, causes, celebrations and struggles, right now?

The exhibition is divided into six sections asking visitors to reflect on how and why we come together and need each other. Also to question our futures as we emerge from isolation, and reengage with family, friends, and strangers alike.