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Forever Parenting
Chrysler Museum of Art

Forever Parenting

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Voices of Parents of Adults with Special Needs

When a child with special needs becomes an adult and is no longer in the school system, it can be a rude awakening for parents. Suddenly, you may find yourself with little or no help in finding the services you need to help your son or daughter live a happy, fulfilling life. Each state, and even locality, varies on what is available. Some parents stay home with their child and navigate their new circumstances, but others must work, and they need to find an environment for their child that is safe and rewarding. Rosemarie Scotti Hughes, Ph.D., whose son, Chris, has an intellectual disability, shares the struggles she’s gone through in fighting for his best interests. She also shares the stories of numerous other parents of adult children with special needs, sharing their joys, heartaches, frustrations, blessings, sorrows, regrets, and dreams. Join these parents on a personal journey that offers wisdom, hope, and help for those that are Forever Parenting.

  • Softcover
  • 123 pages

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